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At Texas Fertility Center we believe it is very important for our patients to feel as though they are part of the TFC family.  We thought it would be a fun idea to get to know the TFC staff a little bit better. We just don’t want to be a face that you see at the office.  

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New Tests Improve Hope for Healthy Babies

Recently, I saw a new patient who wanted to be evaluated for difficulty in becoming pregnant. She told me that a close friend of hers had recently delivered a baby with a genetic disorder. The patient seeking our assistance was very worried about having a similar experience.

It turns out that the patient’s friends (both the man and the woman) were carriers of a recessive gene that combined during fertilization.

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Demystifying the myths of infertility

How many times have you heard, “Just relax and you’ll get pregnant, it’ll happen when you least expect it”? For many couples, these comments that are not meant to be hurtful can be the ones that hurt the most. Many people who have not struggled with infertility don’t truly understand the magnitude of the process which leads to common myths being passed on as truths.

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Are all Your Eggs in One Basket?

We’ve gotten a few questions about egg development this week.

Here are the questions, followed by the answers:

1. How many eggs do I have?

Women are born with all of the eggs (oocytes) that they will ever have. In fact, approximately 20 weeks before a female child is delivered,

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