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The Egg Freezing Process

The egg freezing process puts you in control of your fertility

As more women are delaying motherhood, fertility preservation is growing in popularity. Our San Antonio egg freezing specialists are experts in the egg freezing process, and they are happy to guide women through every step of the journey. Women who visit Texas Fertility Center – San Antonio can be confident that their fertility is in experienced and caring hands.

A look at the egg freezing process

Our San Antonio egg freezing specialists explain the egg freezing process as a multi-step journey that is similar to in vitro fertilization (IVF). However, instead of immediately fertilizing the retrieved eggs, our IVF lab freezes them.

The first step of the egg freezing process involves ovarian stimulation. During this process, the woman takes fertility medication to stimulate the growth and development of multiple egg-containing follicles within the ovaries. During this time, the woman’s physician monitors her with vaginal ultrasound examinations and blood work to determine when the eggs are mature and ready for retrieval.

Once this determination has been made, patients will be asked to take a single injection of hCG. Most patients refer to this as the “trigger shot”, as it causes ovulation to occur 36-40 hours after it is administered. Therefore, approximately 6 hours after receiving the trigger shot, the woman visits our San Antonio egg freezing specialists for the second step, which is egg retrieval. This is a quick, outpatient procedure. The woman is lightly sedated while her fertility specialist passes a needle through the top of the vagina into the ovarian follicles under ultrasound guidance.The eggs are then carefully removed and taken into the IVF laboratory, where they are identified and placed in a dish.

The final step in the process is egg freezing. Because eggs are more fragile than embryos, our embryologists use an ultra-rapid freezing process known as vitrification. By transforming the liquid in each egg into a glass-like solid state, vitrification prevents the formation of ice crystals and improves the freeze and thaw survival rates for eggs. Once frozen, the eggs will be kept in a secure Ovation Fertility™ storage facility until the patient is ready to use them.

Using frozen eggs to achieve pregnancy

When a woman is ready to conceive using her frozen eggs, she will visit our San Antonio egg freezing specialists again. Her physician will communicate with our embryologists to determine how many eggs to thaw and fertilize with sperm from the woman’s partner or her donor.

Once fertilization and embryonic development have occurred, our embryologists are experienced in selecting the best embryos for transfer, allowing our physicians to confidently perform a single embryo transfer (SET). This reduces the likelihood of having a risky multiple pregnancy. After the transfer, the woman will be monitored for pregnancy.

Contact our San Antonio egg freezing specialists for an appointment to learn more about how the egg freezing process can help you take control of your reproductive future.