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Genetic Screening Event

Thanks for your interest! This free screening event ended May 10th, 2017. Check back for our next event!

If you are interested in genetic screening please contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Munch or Dr. James.


Genetic Carrier screening can identify the risk of inheritable genetic disorders

The fertility specialists at Texas Fertility Center San Antonio believe in being proactive about pregnancy and recommend genetic carrier screening for all patients and their partner prior to pregnancy. If you are planning for a family, genetic carrier screening can provide you with an understanding of your own genetics as well as the potential genetics of your future child.

Every individual carries at least 8-10 different genetically inherited conditions. Therefore, the reality is that anyone can be a carrier of a common genetic condition. Some are more common in specific ethnic groups – for example, nearly half of all Ashkenazi Jews in the United States carry at least one genetic disorder. While these genetic conditions vary in severity and age of onset, most of the disorders are debilitating and many are fatal. However, passing a defective gene on to your children isn’t inevitable. Genetic screening can help you prevent this.

If your test results show that both you and your partner carry an inheritable genetic disease, there are several options that can help you still have a healthy baby. One possibility is IVF with preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). Another option is the use of donor sperm or donor eggs.

Screening is easy, as it merely involves testing a sample of blood or saliva from you and your partner.

Our San Antonio fertility center strives to make genetic screening as convenient as possible.

Here is what to expect at our next event.

  • Come learn about genetic conditions
  • Understand why you should pursue genetic carrier screening.
  • Speak with a certified genetic counselor who will be in attendance to answer any questions or concerns one may have.
  • Obtain a free mini-consultation with our San Antonio fertility specialists.
  • Learn about fertility treatments that can prevent the transmission of a defective gene.
  • Screening will be offered to people of child bearing age (18-45)
  • Please bring a copy of your health insurance information
  • Specimens can be obtained either by a blood draw or from a saliva specimen