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Our San Antonio Fertility Center Debuts ORT Video from ASRM

Our San Antonio fertility center will offer free ovarian reserve testing (ORT)

dr-silverberg-asrm-2016Texas Fertility Center San Antonio has close ties to our Austin partners at TFC. We share our knowledge, expertise and best practices. That’s why we’re proud to share a video from the medical director at Texas Fertility Center in Austin.

Kaylen Silverberg, M.D., attended the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Scientific Congress and Annual Meeting. At the event, Dr. Silverberg was interviewed for a video about ovarian reserve testing, a service that we will provide free of charge this month:

Ovarian reserve testing assesses a woman’s reproductive hormones

Our San Antonio fertility center team believes that it’s important for women to undergo ovarian reserve testing to learn their FSH and antimullerian hormone (AMH) levels.

AMH is a hormone that’s produced by the immature follicles in the ovaries, and it’s a marker for the total number of eggs in a woman’s ovaries.

A higher AMH level indicates more eggs and a lower level suggests a diminished ovarian reserve. While AMH isn’t a marker of egg quality, but rather of egg quantity, quality and quantity are often related.

This data is combined with other factors to arrive at an egg retrieval score.

Our San Antonio fertility center shares Dr. Silverberg’s assertion that ovarian reserve testing is invaluable

According to Dr. Silverberg, “[Ovarian reserve testing] is going to help a woman stay focused and be able to understand where she is in her reproductive lifespan, so that she can make choices that are appropriate for her at that point in her life.”

The physicians at our San Antonio fertility center couldn’t agree more! That’s why we will offer ovarian reserve testing – free of charge – for the month of November. Contact us today to learn more.


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