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Poor Ovarian Reserve and IVF Outcomes

In general, women with low ovarian reserve will have difficulty in achieving pregnancy. But what about in advanced reproductive technology (ART) such as IVF?

Ovarian Reserve

Let’s first discuss what the term ovarian reserve means. Ovarian reserve refers to quantity, or number, of eggs remaining that are available to achieve pregnancy. We are unable to measure this exactly,

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After Infertility: Where Are They Now?

You can’t believe this in the fury of the storm, but many women who underwent infertility treatment feel grateful for the experience. Infertility Awareness Month concludes this week, but Texas Fertility Center will continue to share the message of empowerment and hope.

Over the past 30 years, Texas Fertility Center has walked alongside men,

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IVF and Ovarian Cancer

As I was reading the headlines in the news I came across this statement:  “Women given drugs during fertility treatment to stimulate their ovaries to produce extra eggs have an increased risk of developing borderline ovarian tumors”, Dutch researchers said.  What ?!?! I continued to read the study which further stated that women who had IVF treatment had double the likelihood of being diagnosed with ovarian cancer compared to those who didn’t.

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Famous and Infertile: Celebrities Who Have Dealt with Infertility

Up until recently, infertility was an intensely private matter. Women would go to great lengths to hide their challenges…which unfortunately led many to believe that infertility was a rare phenomenon. A refreshing thing has happened in the last 5 to 10 years. We have become more open about the issue of infertility – and many women are coming forth with their own stories.

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The Cyperskeptic’s Guide to Fertility Websites

Have you heard? Herbal supplements can increase your fertility 330 percent. You can get pregnant in 60 days, guaranteed. Feng shui tactics, including displaying pomegranates or pictures of elephants with their noses down, will result in a baby.

These claims pop up in a Google search for infertility cures. In fact, more than 2.5 million sites offer information to couples anxious for answers.

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Your Doctor is Recommending IVF…Now What?

The IVF process can seem very overwhelming — especially if you have recently started an infertility evaluation or if you are not very familiar with the IVF process. At TFC, we make every effort to make this process as stress-free as possible. For optimal success, we want you to feel comfortable and confident proceeding with this treatment.

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As little girls growing up, we often dreamed about the children that we were going to have. Later, we were cautioned not to have sex or to at least use protection by our parents who didn’t want us to get pregnant at a young age. Thus, it is frustrating and challenging to discover that you are actually having difficulty getting pregnant and having the family of your dreams.

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