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ASRM in San Antonio

ASRM is in San Antonio this year

ASRM in San Antonio - offering opportunities for networking and educationBig news from Texas Fertility Center – San Antonio. The ASRM Annual Congress is being held in our city this year. Our San Antonio fertility specialists will attend ASRM to learn about the latest developments in the field of reproductive medicine and network with other physicians. It’s one of the ways that Erika Munch, M.D., and Susan Hudson, M.D., ensure that you get the best fertility care possible.

ASRM offers opportunities for networking and education

Our San Antonio fertility specialists don’t have to travel far to go to ASRM this year. The Annual Congress is held in different cities each year in October, and San Antonio was selected for ASRM 2017.

At the end of October, Dr. Munch and Dr. Hudson will attend ASRM 2017, which is the 73rd Annual Congress of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. At the event, fertility specialists from around the United States and the world come to learn about the latest research and developments in reproductive health and medicine.

This year, more than 8,600 attendees from nearly 100 countries will gather at ASRM. The brightest medical minds in the infertility community will take this time to network and exchange information about reproductive medicine.

According to Dr. Munch, “Texas Fertility Center has always been committed to providing superior patient care. ASRM gives us an excellent opportunity for continuing education. It’s also a time for us to network with other fertility specialists.”

Goals for ASRM 2017

Our San Antonio fertility specialists are excited to attend ASRM 2017. Each physicians have specific goals for their time at the ASRM Annual Congress. Dr. Munch wants to learn more about biochemical pregnancy loss, and Dr. Hudson is looking forward to getting more information about best practices in IVF care and access to fertility care as well as biochemical pregnancy loss. All the fertility specialists have their own special clinical interests, but they share a commitment to providing world-class fertility care.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Munch or Dr. Hudson, please contact us. Texas Fertility Center care makes all the difference.

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