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Individualized Fertility Treatment Plans

Find individualized fertility treatment plans at TFC

At Texas Fertility Center, we understand the importance of individualized fertility treatment plans. Every person, every situation and every story is different.

At your first visit, our San Antonio fertility doctors will take a detailed medical and pregnancy history. Because infertility treatment plans are based on personalized information, we will learn more about how your body works by listening to your history, performing a detailed physical exam and ordering laboratory blood work or imaging tests to help us optimize your chances of pregnancy.

Individualized fertility treatment plans offer the right treatment at the right time

Our physicians are experts in creating individualized fertility treatment plans. Once we learn more about you, our San Antonio fertility doctors will combine your information and test results and meet with you to discuss your individualized fertility treatment plan. We will discuss different treatments and why they are (or aren’t) a good idea in your particular case. Our goal is to always provide our patients with clear, factual information about all treatment options and their success rates. Together, you and your San Antonio fertility doctor will move forward with the treatment that makes the most sense for your soon-to-be-growing family.

More options than IVF

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a great option for some people, but it’s usually not the first or only one. Our San Antonio fertility doctors will discuss the details of all available treatments, and together we will decide on the best way to move forward, based on your personal preferences and our medical expertise.

We realize that some fertility treatments can be costly, and that insurance benefits vary from plan to plan. It is our commitment to have well-trained staff who can provide a clear explanation of insurance coverage, and for our team to develop a cost-effective treatment plan that maximizes your insurance benefits.

Personalized medicine with an evidence-based approach

At Texas Fertility Center, we recognize how stressful infertility can be, and that you have difficult decisions to make. Trust us to provide the most accurate information about your health, develop individualized fertility treatment plans and get you on the road to parenthood.

Contact our San Antonio fertility doctors today to learn more about fertility treatments available at Texas Fertility Center–San Antonio.