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Find Affordable Fertility Care at Texas Fertility Center San Antonio

Affordable Fertility care in San Antonio Everyone deserves to build the family of their dreams, but fewer than 20% of couples struggling with infertility seek treatment from a fertility specialist. That’s why our San Antonio fertility center provides access to a variety of affordable fertility care options. We have dedicated staff members to help you maximize fertility treatment discounts and get the most out of your fertility insurance benefits. Texas Fertility Center San Antonio wants to give you every chance to receive the care you need to have a baby. So if you’re wondering about how to pay for fertility treatment, you have come to the right place.

Some insurance plans make affordable fertility care possible

You may not have to pay for your fertility treatment out-of-pocket. Our San Antonio fertility center contracts with most insurance carriers and certain managed care programs. We will file claims on your behalf, provide letters of predetermination, and help you determine what infertility tests and treatments your insurance will and will not cover.

Contact our office for a current list of insurance carriers that we contract with.

Texas is a “mandate to offer” state, which means state law requires insurance companies to offer infertility treatment plans to employers. The employers can then choose to offer these plans to their employees as part of their benefit plans. Increasingly, many South and Central Texas employers recognize the benefits of fertility coverage for happy employees and healthy families. More employers cover fertility treatment than in the past. Contact your human resources department for the latest information about your company’s plan, and talk to the TFC team about your options for how to pay for fertility treatment.

Discounted fertility drug programs make fertility care affordable

Discounts may be available to help defray the cost of fertility medications. Some pharmaceutical manufacturers offer discounted fertility medications to qualifying patients. Due to our long history of performing fertility research, as well as the size and reputation of our practice, we have access to every new cost-saving initiative for fertility medications. For example, Serono’s Compassionate Care program provides deeply discounted fertility medications, including Gonal-F®, to hopeful parents who meet certain criteria. Our San Antonio fertility center will provide you with details about all programs that can make affordable fertility care a reality.

Consider the TFC Cares IVF Financing Program

If you’re worried about how to pay for fertility treatment, we can help. Our San Antonio fertility center works with the leading infertility financing companies to make fertility treatment affordable to as many hopeful parents as possible. For patients planning to undergo IVF, these companies offer products ranging from simple financing to multi-cycle plans and money-back guarantee programs. The TFC Cares IVF Financing Program packages IVF fertility treatment into fresh and frozen cycle bundles.

You can find more details about these programs, offered through industry leader Advanced Reproductive Care (ARC), here.

Prosper Healthcare Lending

Prosper Healthcare Lending is a financial services company that serves healthcare providers and patients nationwide. It offers financing for a variety of procedures and services to help hopeful parents access affordable fertility care. To help you get started, our financial counselors can guide you through the process, which will allow you to apply in less than one minute and receive an instant pre-approval.

For more information about Prosper Healthcare Lending, please call our billing department at (512) 451-0149, option 57. You may also visit the Prosper Healthcare Lending website.

Future Family is another popular option for our patients

Future Family works with Texas Fertility Center to combine all your treatment costs into one easy monthly payment. With the different plans, you can enjoy on-demand fertility coaching support from registered nurses. You can get funding of up to $50,000 in less than 48 hours, and the loans come with low interest rates starting at 7.99%. Best of all, there are no prepayment penalties. Future Family lets you prequalify in less than two minutes, and it won’t affect your credit score. To learn more and apply, visit Future Family today.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about accessing affordable fertility care at our San Antonio fertility center.