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Egg Freezing

Protect Your Fertility with Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing in San Antonio TXFor most women, there is no debate. They certainly dream of becoming a mother someday. The question is not IF they want to have a child but rather WHEN they will start their family. Fulfillment of other dreams like completing their education, demanding work schedules, or complicating life circumstances can delay childbearing. Unfortunately as we prepare ourselves to have a family, we also age. Infertility becomes more of an obstacle the older we become and egg freezing may be an option to prevent infertility.

A woman’s fertility is correlated with the number of eggs left in her ovaries. Approximately twenty weeks before she was delivered, the average female fetus had 15-20 million eggs in her ovaries. Twenty weeks later, at delivery, that number had decreased significantly to 6-7 million. By the time the average woman goes through puberty, she only has 300,000-500,000 eggs left, and by the time she turns 40, her remaining egg number is only around 10,000. With age, both the number and the quality of eggs present in the ovaries decreases. This reduces the probability of pregnancy whether a woman is trying to conceive on her own or with the assistance of fertility treatments.

Egg freezing stops the clock

Texas Fertility Center can offer you the ability to freeze your eggs to preserve and protect your fertility for years to come.

During the process of egg freezing, oocytes are removed from the body and frozen. While they are frozen, they maintain their quality so they can therefore offer a woman a legitimate chance for pregnancy, even though she has aged (even significantly) since the eggs were retrieved. When you are ready to start your family, your eggs can then be thawed and fertilized, and any resulting embryos can be transferred into your uterus.

Pregnancy rates with this treatment are potentially more comparable to the rates of the age when the eggs were frozen instead of when pregnancy is actually being attempted. For example, if a woman freezes her eggs at 32 years of age, yet doesn’t use those eggs until she is 40, her chance for pregnancy will be closer to that of a 32 year old than that of a 40 year old. Similarly, her risk of miscarriage will also be closer to that of a 32 year old, as egg freezing also reduces the risk of miscarriage.

Finally, egg freezing may also diminish the increased risk of chromosomally abnormal pregnancies associated with advancing maternal age, as the age of the egg when it is finally used is actually the same as when it was retrieved.

This amazing treatment can give you the ability to prepare for having a family when you are truly ready – on YOUR schedule. For more information, please call for an appointment.