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San Antonio couple takes proactive steps for a healthy pregnancy with PGD for sickle cell

When a couple falls in love and decides to spend their lives together, they often have a lot in common, like goals, interests and hobbies. Sometimes, two people have something they’d rather not share. Inheritable genetic disease can be passed down to the next generation when two parents each carry a defective gene.

This was the case with two patients at our San Antonio fertility center. They are symptomless carriers for sickle cell disease, a condition that causes normal red blood cells to become misshapen, like crescent moons. This interrupts the normal flow of blood though vessels and causes fatigue, swollen hands and feet, infections and episodes of intense pain.

Elizabeth and Jason, fertility preservation and frozen embryo IVF

Our Austin and San Antonio fertility centers teamed up for fertility preservation and frozen embryo IVF

Seven embryos frozen in Austin made the trip down I-35 to our San Antonio fertility center after Elizabeth Logsdon was cleared to start a family after cancer treatment.

The story begins after Elizabeth and Jason met and fell in love in San Antonio.

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