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Saline Infusion Sonogram, SIS

A saline infusion sonogram can help our team make an infertility diagnosis

At our San Antonio fertility clinic, Dr. Erika Munch believes in the importance of making an accurate diagnosis. Having the right diagnosis means that she can work with you to develop the most effective, individualized treatment plan possible. As part of the diagnostic process, Dr. Munch uses a wide variety of tools, including the saline infusion sonogram.

Also known as SIS or SHG, this fertility test can provide valuable information about the inside of the uterus. It can also provide a view of the ovaries, which contain the all-important eggs.

What is a SIS, and how does it work?

A saline infusion sonogram is a test that uses ultrasound and sterile fluid. The fluid expands the uterus for easier visibility, while the ultrasound allows Dr. Munch to visualize the uterus and ovaries.

To perform a SIS, Dr. Munch will typically wait until your menstrual period is over. The procedure starts by placing an ultrasound probe into the vagina. Next, a thin catheter is also placed into the vagina and the uterus. The catheter will deliver the sterile fluid into the uterus to help visualize your uterine walls and cavity on ultrasound. After the exam, Dr. Munch will review the results with you and use the information to help make treatment recommendations.

This procedure is very safe. After a SIS, some women may experience cramping, spotting or vaginal discharge. As a result, Dr. Munch may recommend that you take an over-the-counter pain medication before having this test.

Who should have a saline infusion sonogram?

The goal of this fertility test is to see the structure of the uterus and detect any abnormalities in it. When you visit our San Antonio fertility clinic, Dr. Munch may recommend this exam if you have one of the following concerns.

Dr. Munch will work with you to review your medical history and test results to determine whether a saline infusion sonogram is right for you.

If you would like to find out why you’re struggling to conceive and learn how to move past obstacles on your path to parenthood, contact us. Dr. Munch and her entire team are here to help achieve your dream of starting or growing your family.