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Recurrent Miscarriage

We provide compassionate treatment to patients suffering from recurrent miscarriage

Each of our physicians is a San Antonio recurrent miscarriage specialist, who understands how painful it can be to experience pregnancy loss. Our team holds the hands of hopeful parents who are dealing with the emotional and physical pain of going through multiple miscarriages. To develop a highly effective, individualized treatment plan, our physicians provide diagnostic testing to uncover the causes of recurrent miscarriage for each patient.

Understanding the causes of recurrent miscarriage

The causes of recurrent miscarriage are complex, and may include:

  • Hematologic or immunologic cases
  • Anatomic causes
  • Hormonal causes
  • Infectious causes
  • Genetic causes
  • Unknown factors

To make this condition even more complicated,  patients can have more than one cause of recurrent miscarriage. Even with thorough diagnostic testing, nearly half of hopeful parents will not receive a definitive diagnosis for their problem. However, each San Antonio recurrent miscarriage specialist at our practice is committed to helping all patients become parents.

Treatments for repeated pregnancy loss

Before receiving treatment to overcome the causes of recurrent miscarriage, our San Antonio recurrent miscarriage specialists will perform thorough diagnostic testing. This may include genetic testing, blood work, a pelvic examination and other in-office procedures to assess hormone levels and pelvic anatomy. All of this information can provide clues to help our physicians develop the most-effective treatment plan for each individual patient.

Some common treatable causes of recurrent miscarriage include: autoimmune disorders, chromosomal abnormalities in one or both parents, infections, intrauterine adhesions, fibroids, polyps, uterine malformations and low ovarian reserve.

Our physicians can treat adhesions, fibroids, polyps and uterine abnormalities with minimally invasive surgery. In patients who have chromosomal abnormalities or low ovarian reserve, our physicians may recommend in vitro fertilization (IVF) with preimplantation genetic screening (PGT-A) to identify the healthiest embryos for transfer. As for patients with autoimmune disorders or infections, receiving treatment for these problems will often resolve a patient’s fertility issues.

Men and women who have struggled to achieve and maintain a healthy pregnancy find an overwhelming sense of relief when they receive an accurate diagnosis and an individualized treatment plan from our San Antonio recurrent miscarriage specialists. Hopeful parents are equally relieved to find a compassionate partner in their fertility care – one who is just as invested in the outcome of treatment as they are.

Contact us to schedule an appointment with a San Antonio recurrent miscarriage specialist and learn how our physicians can help you bring home a healthy baby.