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Egg Freezing Financing

Take control of your reproductive future through egg freezing financing

The team at Texas Fertility Center – San Antonio wants to make fertility preservation more accessible through egg freezing financing. Our San Antonio egg freezing specialists realize that women seek out egg freezing for many reasons. Some are focusing on their careers or education. Others are looking for the right partner. Regardless of the reason, we make fertility preservation an option for more women by connecting them with affordable egg freezing at TFC.

The basics of egg freezing financing

Egg freezing and long-term storage costs can be daunting for many women. However, at our San Antonio egg freezing center, women can begin the process for $0 down. Our physicians believe that women shouldn’t have to sacrifice their financial well-being to preserve their fertility.

Our egg freezing financing program spreads out the cost of fertility preservation. This makes egg freezing and long-term storage more affordable.

Freezing your eggs involves multiple steps

Although a woman is born with millions of eggs, her supply decreases with age. By the time a woman reaches 30, only approximately 12% of her eggs remain. With egg freezing, a woman can pause her biological clock and give herself the possibility of eventually having a biological child.

Egg freezing involves three steps:

  • The woman takes hormone medication for ovarian stimulation. The medication prompts her body to produce multiple eggs.
  • The woman undergoes egg retrieval in a quick outpatient procedure at our San Antonio egg freezing center. During the procedure, the woman receives light sedation.
  • Our embryologists freeze the woman’s eggs and ship them to an advanced Ovation® storage facility. The eggs are then monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Egg freezing is different from in vitro fertilization (IVF) because the eggs are not fertilized with sperm after the retrieval. Instead, an embryologist thaws and fertilize the eggs when a woman decides to start a family.

With egg freezing financing, fertility preservation is more affordable than ever. If you would like to learn more about egg freezing financing, contact us to schedule an appointment with our San Antonio egg freezing specialists.