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Donor Embryos

Donor embryos may be the family-building option you’ve been looking for

Some families who undergo an IVF cycle may end up with more embryos than they need to achieve their family-building goals. When this happens, donor embryos can create an incredible opportunity for other patients. It allows them to have a baby through embryo donation.

Several former patients of our San Antonio fertility center have decided to give other intended parents the gift of donated embryos. This donor option can help women and men welcome the children they have always wanted.

How does embryo donation work for former patients?

If you still have IVF embryos left after you’ve completed your family, you can entrust them to our San Antonio fertility center for anonymous donation. Doing so means you no longer have to pay frozen storage fees. It also gives your embryos a chance at life and a loving family.

How can intended parents conceive with donor embryos?

Donor embryos at our San Antonio fertility center provide an affordable option for patients who want to experience pregnancy and parenthood. Embryos are available at no cost to the recipient, so the patient only needs to pay for the cost of an embryo transfer cycle. The final cost ends up being less than an IVF cycle with or without donor eggs. It is also more affordable than traditional adoption.

When you decide to build your family using embryo donation, you can view the medical and genetic histories of the donor embryos. You can also learn basic information about a donor family by reading their anonymous profile.

If we performed preimplantation genetic testing (PGT-A or PGT-M) on the donor embryos, you will be able to view those test results before selecting a donor embryo.

Welcoming patients who wish to pursue embryo donation with a known donor

Sometimes, patients may want to pursue IVF using donated embryos from someone they know. If this is the case, the team at our San Antonio fertility center is happy to help. We can perform the embryo transfer and refer the donor and recipient families to an attorney who can draft a legal agreement for the donation.

Donated embryos can make the dream of parenthood come true

If you have undergone IVF, you understand the pain of infertility. Embryo donation can take this pain away for women and men who would love nothing more than to become parents. It can also give your embryos a chance to live a beautiful life that’s filled with love.

If you are a former Texas Fertility Center patient interested in donating your embryos, or if you are interested in building your family through the use of donated embryos, contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss our embryo donation program.