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Travel to the US for IVF

TFC San Antonio welcomes visitors who travel to the US for IVF

Men and women from Mexico City and Monterrey enjoy the benefits of partnering with a world-class fertility specialist that is just two hours away via air travel. Texas Fertility Center has provided advanced reproductive medicine for more than 40 years, and our staff members welcome you at our San Antonio fertility center.

Our physicians pursued advanced training after OBGYN residency to become reproductive endocrinologists, or fertility specialists. Together with skilled embryologists who conduct IVF lab services, we can provide advanced reproductive technologies when you travel to the US for IVF.

In addition to IVF, Texas Fertility Center has a long history of providing comprehensive fertility services, from ovulation induction to third-party reproduction with donor eggs or sperm.

When you travel to the US for IVF, you close the distance between infertility and a family

If you have tried to get pregnant for more than one year, it’s important to find a fertility specialist who will thoroughly discover the cause of infertility.

After an initial consultation, Texas Fertility Center in San Antonio will work with you to start the process. Initial blood tests and sonograms can be done at your first appointment. Results will help your fertility doctors design a treatment plan well before you travel to the US for IVF.

Many of our patients from Mexico and along the southern border of the United States already visit San Antonio for business or pleasure. Our San Antonio fertility center is just nine miles from the San Antonio International Airport.

TFC has an established international clientele

People from all over the United States and abroad trust TFC to provide advanced, state-of-the-art fertility treatment … and we deliver. TFC has helped bring 25,000 babies into the world, and our San Antonio fertility center can help you overcome complex medical issues so that you can achieve a pregnancy and build your family.

When you plan for your first consultation, expect courteous assistance and suggestions for making the most of your visit. We are happy to recommend hotels close to our San Antonio fertility center and understand that when you travel to the US for IVF, you might wish to plan leisure activities as well, such as visiting museums, taking mission tours and touring the famous San Antonio River Walk.

Why should you travel to San Antonio for IVF?

You desire a family. Success is within reach, but you may have to go the extra mile to attain it. Our fertility specialists serve on prestigious medical boards and governing bodies to design IVF protocols and lead research in reproductive medicine.

Contact us at our San Antonio fertility center to arrange for a consultation with our board certified fertility experts. We look forward to helping you make your dreams come true.