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International Fertility Patients

Texas Fertility Center Welcomes Out-of-Town and International Fertility Patients to San Antonio

Texas Fertility Center San Antonio maintains our 30+ year precedent: Our doors are open to individuals in our hometown, as well as from throughout Texas, Mexico and around the world.

Texas Fertility Center has helped resolve infertility for more than 40 years, leading to the births of more than 25,000 babies in Texas; the Southwestern United States; and countries around the world, including South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Mexico.

Our compassionate and detail-oriented new patient coordinators will walk you through your initial appointment, verify fertility insurance benefits, explain and provide new patient forms, and coordinate your visits to Texas Fertility Center.

As one of our out-of-town or international fertility patients, you will want to optimize every opportunity to visit our fertility clinic. For example, both partners should be present at the initial consultation to expedite testing. We are experienced in serving out-of-town patients and will offer our advice, expertise and guidance throughout fertility treatment.

Texas Fertility Center provides comprehensive care for international and U.S. patients

The Texas Fertility Center San Antonio physicians will coordinate with your hometown doctor to provide ancillary tests during fertility diagnosis and treatment. Your local physician may be able to complete time-sensitive fertility blood work, allowing our fertility specialists to complete testing and continue care without you leaving your hometown daily. Most sonograms will be performed by our highly skilled reproductive endocrinology physicians, with real-time interpretation of results to develop a treatment plan.

If you are staying in San Antonio for extended periods of time, many patients find it helpful to stay in one of several nearby hotels that offer special rates to long-term guests.

Congratulations on your decision to prioritize your reproductive health. It’s worth traveling any distance to access the very best treatment for infertility. If you are traveling to San Antonio to visit Texas Fertility Center, contact us now. We will do everything within our power to help you conceive.