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LGBTQIA+ Family Building

LGBTQIA+ family building options in San Antonio from a trusted leader in fertility treatment

When you decide it’s time to start or build a family, Texas Fertility Center physicians devote themselves to finding effective solutions. Our inclusive San Antonio fertility clinic welcomes all people seeking LGBTQIA+ family building options.

For the LGBTQIA+ community, fertility treatment will involve the same effective options and familiar terms that make conception possible for heterosexual couples struggling to conceive: intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF).

We adhere to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines for third-party reproduction, and our board certified fertility specialists, Drs. Munch and Han, are experts at helping you navigate the process during your new patient consultation.

Where to begin with LGBTQIA+ family building

The individualized plans that Drs. Munch and Han design take into account a patient’s goals for family building, such as family size, which partner may be contributing eggs or sperm, and which may want to carry the pregnancy. Same-sex female couples may choose to proceed with a reciprocal cycle, where one partner’s eggs are used to create an embryo to be carried by the other partner. For same-sex male couples, TFC will get them on the path to finding both an egg donor and a surrogate.

The Texas Fertility Center team will help schedule your initial consultation for LGBTQIA+ family building, arrange for baseline fertility testing, and explain your financial options. Many insurance plans cover fertility testing, and some employers even cover third-party reproduction costs for their employees. Check with your HR department to find out more.

We are committed to making the LGBTQIA+ family building process as stress-free and special as possible. Conceiving a baby should be a joyful experience!

Family building options for lesbian couples

Donor sperm insemination provides many women with the most efficient way to have a baby. Drs. Munch and Han perform intrauterine insemination (IUI) in our San Antonio fertility clinic, gently guiding a catheter into the uterine cavity to transfer washed and prepared sperm. Prior to insemination, some patients may need to incorporate fertility medications to induce ovulation.

If testing uncovers significant fertility issues precluding insemination, Drs. Munch and Han may recommend in IVF.

Whether you proceed with IUI or IVF, you will decide between a known or anonymous sperm donor. Reputable sperm banks screen and cryopreserve specimens and quarantine them for six months to ensure the highest-quality testing can be performed on the donor. Once you are ready to conceive with donor insemination or IVF, your donor sperm is sent to Ovation® Fertility for use in the IUI or IVF cycle you have planned with Drs. Munch and Han.

Family building options for same-sex male couples

There are many experienced reproductive lawyers in San Antonio to assist you in finding and securing a gestational carrier, or surrogate. Drs. Munch and Han will order your semen analysis and walk you through the IVF process that will pave the way to a successful pregnancy.

Our Texas Fertility Center in-house egg donor program fills the last gap in your plans to start a family. We also have connections to reputable frozen egg banks that serve the United States and adhere to rigid state and federal regulations.

Our caring and personable fertility specialists will thoroughly explain your LGBTQIA+ family building options, and celebrate your choice to share your love with a baby. To begin your journey, contact our San Antonio fertility clinic for a consultation with Drs. Munch and Han.