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Donor Program

For many patients, donor eggs or donor sperm are the best path to parenthood.

Donor cycles using donated eggs or sperm provide an excellent chance for IVF success. Our San Antonio fertility center’s donor program welcomes people from all walks of life, including those struggling with infertility and people who need donated gametes to grow their families for other reasons.

When should you consider using donor eggs?

The first step in egg donor cycles is to choose a donor. All oocyte (egg) donors undergo a strenuous screening process that includes a personal medical history; a multi-generational family medical history; and tests for sexually transmitted infections, genetic disorders, substance abuse and a psychological assessment, among others.

These test results, as well as the donors’ physical characteristics, are presented to the intended parent(s). Once the intended parents confirm their donor choice, the treatment cycle can begin. Donor cycles can be coordinated so that the donor’s eggs are retrieved and immediately fertilized, or eggs can be procured from a bank of frozen donor eggs.

Each donor egg cycle takes approximately two months to complete. It involves giving the recipient hormones to prepare the uterus for implantation. In a fresh cycle, the donor is given medication to mature multiple eggs. Once the eggs are mature, they are removed from the body, fertilized in the laboratory with the intended sperm, and then one embryo is transferred into uterus of the hopeful mother or a gestational carrier. Estrogen and progesterone supplementation is continued for approximately 10 weeks, and then the pregnancy proceeds as usual.

When should you consider using donor sperm?

For these donor cycles, donor sperm is generally obtained from a commercial sperm bank. Every major sperm bank has a website where you will be able to review the policies and screening procedures for donors, as well characteristics of each individual donor. Once you choose a donor, you will arrange to have the sperm sent to TFC for use in IUI or IVF procedures.

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Donor cycles are a wonderful way to start or expand your family, as success rates are generally quite high. To learn more about IVF with donor eggs or sperm, contact us to schedule a consultation.