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When Fertility Treatment Moves to the Next Level – IVF

IVF,  reproductive medicine’s greatest advance, removes many of the barriers to getting pregnant, and has resulted in the births of over five million babies worldwide. The majority of cases of infertility will require only minimal intervention. However, Dr. Erika Munch and Dr. Susan Hudson recommend IVF for their patients who require higher-level treatment to overcome infertility.

Genetic Testing at Texas Fertility Center San Antonio

Specialized, preventative care provides peace of mind and exceptional results for couples and individuals experiencing recurrent miscarriage, or anyone with a history of or tendency for genetic disease.

Our lab provides: Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis and Preimplantation Genetic Screening

Our state of the art onsite embryology and andrology laboratories, run by Ovation® Fertility, are essential to Dr. Munch’ and Dr. Hudsons’ success rates and effective fertility treatment.

What to Look for in an Industry-Leading Fertility Lab

An Experienced Clinical Care Team: Highly skilled embryologists perform IVF, male infertility testing, and genetic testing on embryos prior to their transfer into the uterus. Every person employed at Ovation, San Antonio’s newest and most modern fertility laboratory, embraces our high standards.

Comprehensive Capabilities: Advanced lab procedures available at Texas Fertility Center San Antonio include leading-edge treatments: genetic testing (preimplantation genetic diagnosis and pre-implantation screening), advanced sperm function testing, and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

Industry-Standard Credentials: You’d expect any laboratory associated with Texas Fertility Center San Antonio to meet or exceed all local, state and national standards, including certification by CLIA, CAP and the FDA. Ovation not only meets all national standards, but their embryologists and andrologists also serve as CAP inspectors – helping to inspect and improve other fertility labs across Central Texas and the United States.

What to Expect During Fertility Treatment at Texas Fertility Center San Antonio

It is important to know that fertility center and IVF laboratory protocols are not the same; they often differ significantly between different IVF programs. And different protocols can lead to different results. The physicians at Texas Fertility Center San Antonio diligently follow the latest literature and scientific studies to ensure that you will receive the best and most up-to-date treatment plan for your specific condition. Drs. Munch and Hudson individualize the treatment that they offer to each TFC patient, utilizing only outcome based, cost effective protocols designed to deliver outstanding results. They then combine these protocols with the best embryologic care available in order to provide each patient with the best possible chance for success.

The miracle of IVF has brought great joy to many Central and South Texas families. Drs. Munch and Hudson celebrate each success, and learn from any failed cycle in order to optimize any subsequent attempt to get pregnant. While IVF is a complex fertility treatment, it is an extremely effective option for many couples.

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