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IVF, In Vitro Fertilization

IVF takes fertility treatment to the next level

In vitro fertilization, or IVF, is one of reproductive medicine’s greatest advances. It allows women and men to bypass many of the barriers to conception, and it has resulted in the births of more than five million babies worldwide.

Most cases of infertility will only require basic treatments like fertility medications or artificial insemination (IUI). However, Dr. Erika Munch recommends in vitro fertilization for her patients who require a little extra help to overcome infertility.

What can you expect from an in vitro fertilization cycle?

Our San Antonio fertility doctor and her team will guide you through each step of this advanced fertility treatment. You can expect the following steps to be a part of your journey to conceive using this family-building option.

In vitro fertilization is a highly successful treatment. This is especially true when using high-quality eggs and working with an experienced fertility doctor and laboratory.

Who can benefit from this advanced fertility treatment?

Many different types of patients can benefit from IVF. In fact, our San Antonio fertility doctor often recommends this treatment in the following cases.

To make parenthood possible for all these groups of patients, Dr. Munch and her team diligently follow the latest literature and scientific studies. This allows them to develop the best treatment plan for each patient’s unique needs.

What should you look for in an IVF laboratory?

The laboratory plays an important role in IVF success. As a result, Dr. Munch works with state-of-the-art embryology and andrology laboratories, run by Ovation® Fertility. These facilities offer many benefits to women and men who are hoping to conceive.

An experienced team. Highly skilled embryologists perform in vitro fertilization and genetic testing on the embryos before the embryo transfer. Every employee at Ovation, San Antonio’s newest and most modern fertility laboratory, embraces the highest standards.

Comprehensive capabilities. The laboratory offers advanced procedures, including preimplantation genetic testing, advanced sperm function testing and ICSI.

Industry-standard credentials. Patients feel confident because the lab meets or exceeds all local, state and national standards, including certification by CLIA, CAP and the FDA. Not only that, but the embryologists and andrologists also serve as CAP inspectors. This means they inspect other fertility labs across Central Texas and the United States.

The miracle of IVF has brought great joy to many Central and South Texas families. Dr. Munch celebrates each success and works hard to make parenthood possible for even more women and men. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn more about how our San Antonio fertility doctor can help you welcome a baby.