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Pregnancy After 40

Learn more about pregnancy after 40

It seems like every time you’re in the checkout line at the supermarket, the tabloids are happily announcing the pregnancy of yet another older celebrity. Oftentimes, it seems that pregnancy after 40 happens so easily to attractive, fit and healthy superstars. What these stories don’t often report are the challenges that real-life women can face when they attempt a pregnancy after 40. While it is very possible to have a healthy pregnancy after 40, it’s important to work toward that goal as soon as you decide the time is right to build your family. Our San Antonio fertility doctors explain more.

The risks of pregnancy after 40

As women get older, so do their eggs. This is because women have all of the eggs that they will ever have at birth.  No new eggs will be developed as they age – even if they are in excellent health.  Even for women in great shape, small breaks or errors occur over time in the DNA inside those eggs. This damage can result in genetic abnormalities in the egg that is released. Most of the time, this results in an embryo that cannot develop into a healthy pregnancy, meaning that the woman either does not conceive in that cycle, has a miscarriage, or (rarely) gives birth to a baby with a genetic problem.

For these reasons, it can take longer for a woman to achieve a healthy pregnancy after 40. If you are over the age of 35 and a successful pregnancy has not happened after trying to conceive for six months, it’s best to be checked out by one of our San Antonio fertility doctors. They can help improve your chances of conceiving.

Be your best self yet

Even if ovarian age is not something in your control, your health is. While your doctor is optimizing your chance of pregnancy, it’s time for you to optimize your health as a mother to be. Get your BMI into the healthy range (18-25), eat a proper diet, sleep well and get regular physical activity. This can be in the form of exercise at the gym, walking with friends, or playing with your children. Any activity that gets your heart rate going is perfect. Being active is a great way to stay physically, and mentally, in good shape for when pregnancy comes.

Get checked out to achieve pregnancy after 40

Pregnancy after 40 can bring unique challenges. Pregnancy is like a nine month treadmill-stress-test on your body. As your body ages, your heart, kidneys, and liver may not perform like they did previously, and it’s important to be evaluated by a doctor before pregnancy – to make sure that pregnancy is safe for both you and your baby.

A high-risk obstetrician can evaluate your overall health, and assess risks for high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease during the pregnancy. Our San Antonio fertility doctors work with some of the leading physicians in Central and South Texas to help optimize your body prior to a pregnancy.

If you are thinking about pregnancy after 40, contact our San Antonio fertility doctors to get an evaluation and get on-track for building the family you’re dreaming of.

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