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What’s the Link Between Infertility and Stress?

Research suggests a link between infertility and stress, but what’s the relationship?

Research suggests a link between infertility and stress, but what’s the relationship?There’s no doubt that infertility causes stress, but could emotional issues also cause fertility problems? Erika Munch MD has read the research and it suggests this might be true. If you’re concerned about how your emotional well-being is affecting your fertility, read on to learn more about this relationship and gain tips for managing stress. Our San Antonio infertility center is here to help you on the path to parenthood.

What does the research show about infertility and stress?

Stress does appear to interfere with a woman’s ability to conceive. In fact, research shows that women who have experienced depression are twice as likely to have fertility struggles. Additionally, anxiety can often increase the amount of time it takes to see a positive pregnancy test. Other studies have shown that women undergoing IVF have lower pregnancy rates when they have high stress levels.

While this evidence is compelling, it’s not enough to suggest that stress alone contributes to infertility. Fertility specialists and researchers believe that emotional stress combines with other factors to make conception more difficult.

What can you do? Tips for managing stress and overcoming fertility issues

Our San Antonio infertility center team believes in starting with the basics whenever possible. As a result, if you think stress could be contributing to your fertility struggles, Dr. Munch recommends taking the following steps.

Communication is key, so talk to your partner about your feelings. Also be sure to ask how they’re feeling and coping. From there, discuss how your needs may be similar or different. You can also reach out to trusted friends and family members to discuss what you’re going through.

Seeking support can help you feel better. There are plenty of online and in-person support groups for women and men who are facing infertility. Attending one can help you learn more about infertility and its treatments. It can also show you how common and treatable it is.

Relaxation techniques can help turn off your fight or flight response to help you feel a deep sense of peace. Some examples of these techniques include progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, meditation and yoga. Everyone is different, so you’ll likely find that you prefer certain techniques more than others. Take time to explore what you like.

Pursuing fertility testing and treatment can help you feel proactive and in control. Our San Antonio infertility center offers many highly effective treatments for both women and men.

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Dr. Munch and her team are here for you, no matter where you are on your infertility journey. Contact us to schedule an appointment and learn how we can help you overcome infertility and stress with the latest treatments and compassionate support.

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