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We Feel Your Pain: TFC Is Making Fertility Care Affordable


Thirty years and more than 12,000 babies born gives our fertility center unique experience in identifying every available cost-saving benefit for our patients.

“Our goal at Texas Fertility Center is to ensure that every patient has as much information as possible about ways to ease the financial burden of infertility treatment,” says Missy Dillard, TFC billing expert. “Our office staff is keenly aware of every program available to our patients, and we research each one regularly to find maximum savings.”


Texas Fertility Center Advocates for Patients with Financial Savings Programs:


Medication Savings. Joint programs between Texas Fertility Center and pharmaceutical companies provide financial savings to nearly every TFC patient, from percentage off coupons to apply to medication purchases, to discounted co-pays.

Compassionate Care. The pharmaceutical company EMD Serono offers a savings program for non-insured (self-pay) patients on a sliding scale based on income. We’ll help you submit an application that can lead to a significant discount on your medication.

Success Guaranteesor Your Money Back. If you undergo in-vitro fertilization (IVF), ask about special financing through Advanced Reproductive Care (ARC). These programs, available to TFC patients, offer flat-rate IVF costs, credit lines, treatment bundles and money-back guarantees.

Discounted and Free Medication. If you are diagnosed with cancer, Texas Fertility Center will fight to preserve your fertility as well as relieve your financial burden with free medication associated with cryopreservation of eggs (oocytes), sperm, embryos or reproductive tissue.

Texas Fertility Center’s billing department is skilled at leveraging our relationships with the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in our industry and the large insurance plans in Central Texas. Due to our size and reputation, we have preferred access not available at many other fertility centers.

Let us help you plan ahead for the cost of fertility treatment so you can focus on getting pregnant. Contact us for a one-on-one consultation with a Texas Fertility Center billing expert.

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