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Be Proactive About Your Fertility with Ovarian Reserve Testing

Ovarian Reserve testing can help you take control of your reproductive future

Be Proactive About Your Fertility with OAR TestingMost women don’t think about their fertility until they want to start trying for a baby. However, the physicians at TFC San Antonio believe that women should start thinking about their reproductive potential much sooner than that. Our San Antonio fertility center supports a proactive approach to fertility, which includes an evaluation of your ovarian reserve – the ovarian assessment report (OAR). Learn more about OAR testing and how it can benefit you.

If you want to be a mother someday, you should undergo OAR testing

All women experience a natural decline in fertility. However, not all women will experience this decline in egg quality and quantity at the same age. The physicians at our San Antonio fertility center recommend OAR testing to determine where you are in your reproductive life cycle.

It is especially important to undergo ovarian reserve testing if any of the following statements ring true for you.

  • You are under 35 and have been unable to get pregnant after one year of trying.
  • You are 35 or older and have been unable to get pregnant after six months of trying.
  • You have a family history of premature menopause.

The Ovarian Assessment Report™ provides critical information about your fertility

Our San Antonio fertility center offers the Ovarian Assessment Report because it “provides the most accurate available assessment of a woman’s ovulatory egg supply using a single blood sample.”

The test is more accurate than other assessments because it combines your age with your levels of antimullerian hormone, AMH, and follicle-stimulating hormone, FSH, to calculate your Egg Retrieval Score (ERS). It’s a lot of acronyms, but it basically means that the test looks at your age and hormone levels to determine your egg supply in order to predict how you should respond to medications for ovarian stimulation.

The results of OAR testing tell you and your doctor how likely you are to respond to ovarian stimulation compared to other women your age. Regardless of what your test results say, there are fertility treatments that can help you have a baby. If you’d like to learn more about fertility testing, please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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