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Take the 30-Day Female Infertility Challenge

The 30-Day Fitness Challenge claims to be the top selling app in the U.S.

24382106_sYou can track your progress, test your resolve and then share results with friends as you take on new challenges like wall sits, squats, burpees or planks. If this appeals to you, but you’re more into building your family than muscles, why not consider a 30-Day Fertility Challenge this summer.

A 30-Day challenge may resolve female infertility

One menstrual cycle, a little more than 30 days, can answer the frustrating question: Why can’t I get pregnant? A female infertility evaluation with Dr. Erika Munch at Texas Fertility Center San Antonio typically takes one menstrual cycle to complete. Many women are surprised to learn that simple blood tests, a physical exam and sonograms can uncover causes of female infertility.

Tracking the ebb and flow of a menstrual cycle can give us clues as to what may be preventing you from getting pregnant. After your first meeting with Dr. Munch, she will start testing right before you are scheduled to start a period.

The warm-up: Early female infertility testing

Now that Dr. Munch has reviewed your health history and you have scheduled an appointment in our San Antonio fertility center, you will begin your 30-Day challenge, which includes baseline testing.

  1. An ultrasound to check the uterus and ovaries for cysts, septum’s or pelvic adhesions
  2. A baseline Day 3 FSH, LH and estrodial blood test to evaluate your ovarian reserve and estrogen levels. If you have a history of recurrent miscarriage, we can add an additional panel.
  3. A sonogram, post-coital and cervical mucus test around the day of ovulation
  4. A blood test to evaluate progesterone levels and reevaluate hormone levels

About 40 percent of female infertility is caused by problems with ovulation, or releasing an egg from the ovaries. These tests tell Dr. Munch a lot about your ovulatory health. More follow-up testing may be necessary, including a hysterosalpingogram.

Fitness apps tout the benefits of DIY results

“Hey, there’s no need to go to the gym to get fit when you use an app!” With infertility, the opposite is true. A reproductive endocrinologist, or fertility specialist, is absolutely essential to getting the results that you desire—a positive pregnancy. Contact Texas Fertility Center San Antonio to begin female infertility testing this summer.


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