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Valentine’s Day and Infertility Survival Guide

It’s Valentine’s Day and infertility struggles are on your mind

The physicians at Texas Fertility Center San Antonio realize that Valentine’s Day might not be your top priority while you’re dealing with infertility. While many couples are thinking about romance and intimacy, you’re thinking about fertility drugs and timed intercourse. Valentine’s Day and infertility might not seem like they go together; however, our San Antonio fertility center has some tips to help you and your partner enjoy this special holiday.

Valentine’s Day and infertility don’t have to clash in February

On a day of romance, our San Antonio fertility center recommends focusing on your partner. It’s Valentine’s Day and infertility concerns are for another time. Here are some tips to help you and your partner have a memorable and romantic day.

  • Plan a Valentine’s Day date. Use February 14th to do the things you and your partner love. Going to a fancy restaurant or checking out a live show are excellent ways to reconnect with your partner.
  • Take the focus off of sex. If you’re not up for sexual intimacy, cuddling and communicating what you love about your partner can help you experience emotional intimacy. Sometimes, sensuality is more important than sexuality.
  • Try being spontaneous. If you’re in the mood, being intimate at different times or places can make your sex life feel less mechanical. It’s the perfect cure for the humdrum of scheduled baby-making sessions.
  • Say no to fertility talk. If your life feels like it’s been overrun by fertility doctors and infertility treatments, there’s no better remedy than taking the day off from talking about it. It can help you relieve stress and focus on your relationship, instead of your fertility.

Commit to your relationship and your partner every day of the year

Some couples celebrate on Valentine’s Day and then go back to everyday life the next day. Our San Antonio fertility center suggests another approach – celebrate the spirit of February 14th every day. Romance and intimacy are important for all couples, both before and after they have children. Celebrating what you love about your partner strengthens your relationship and it can help you can overcome anything, including infertility struggles.

If you have questions about infertility, please contact us to see how TFC San Antonio can help.

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