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We Proudly Provide Fertility Care for the Military

Texas Fertility Center is proud to provide fertility care for the military

Texas Fertility Center is proud to provide fertility care for the militaryThe members of the US Armed Forces make great sacrifices every day to protect our freedom. However, our San Antonio infertility clinic believes that fertility shouldn’t be something that they have to sacrifice. Erika Munch MD provides comprehensive fertility care for the military. At the same time, our billing team works hard to find ways to help patients finance their treatment.

What fertility treatments are available?

Our San Antonio infertility clinic offers a wide variety of fertility treatments. Some basic offerings include ovulation induction with fertility medications and intrauterine insemination (IUI), or artificial insemination. On the more advanced side of fertility care for the military, you’ll find offerings like in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Dr. Munch even offers minimally invasive surgical procedures to correct structural abnormalities in reproductive organs like the uterus.

Our team knows that service members may need fertility care for many reasons. Sometimes, it’s due to issues like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or a low sperm count. In other cases, injuries suffered while on active duty could be the reason why a patient needs fertility support. Regardless of the reason why you’re struggling to conceive, Dr. Munch can assist you on your path to parenthood.

How can service members finance fertility care for the military?

The billing team at our San Antonio infertility clinic works hard to help patients maximize their insurance coverage and find discounts on fertility care. When it comes to fertility care for the military, TRICARE often comes into play.

  • If your fertility issues are not due to an active-duty injury, TRICARE may cover some types of medically necessary assisted reproductive services that support natural conception. These include certain forms of testing and treatment.
  • If you’re facing infertility due to an active-duty injury (and you have a lawful spouse), TRICARE may cover additional services like IUI, IVF, and embryo freezing and storage.

If using TRICARE isn’t an option for you, our billing team will help you determine whether you have other types of insurance coverage that will cover fertility treatment. We can also help you find medication and treatment discount programs.

Our goal is to help more active-duty military and veterans bring home a baby. Contact us if you’d like to schedule an appointment and learn more about how to get help with starting or growing your family.

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