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New Patient Appointment

Struggling to conceive? A new patient appointment can help you welcome a baby

Have you been unable to conceive after one year of trying (or six months once you turn 35)? A new patient appointment could help you get on the path to parenthood. Texas Fertility Center believes in providing accessible and convenient fertility care. That’s why our San Antonio fertility clinic offers both in-person and virtual fertility appointments for new patients.

At your first fertility appointment, you’ll meet Erika Munch MD. She’ll take a medical history from you and your partner. Then, she’ll review what you can expect from diagnostic testing and which fertility treatments may be right for you.

What can you expect at your new patient appointment?

Your new patient appointment at our San Antonio fertility clinic should last 30 to 45 minutes. Dr. Munch will introduce herself before asking you and your partner to discuss your medical and fertility histories. You can expect her to ask about everything from your menstrual cycle and medications to previous surgeries and current health conditions.

Each one of these critical details can help explain why you’re struggling to have a baby. For example, having an irregular period may suggest ovulation problems, while certain medications can interfere with fertility.

An in-person fertility visit also includes a physical exam and ordering tests

In addition to taking your medical history, Dr. Munch will also perform a physical exam on the female partner during an in-person appointment. This exam provides information about your general health and clues about infertility causes. Some examples of suspicious findings include uterine enlargement and abdominal or pelvic tenderness.

The in-person new patient appointment also includes a transvaginal ultrasound to assess the ovaries, uterus and surrounding organs. Dr. Munch is also likely to order several diagnostic fertility tests during this visit.

  • Fertility bloodwork
  • Hysterosalpingogram (HSG)
  • Genetic carrier screening
  • Semen analysis for the male partner

Each test gives you and Dr. Munch critical insight into your reproductive health and fertility.

Some new patients decide to schedule a virtual fertility appointment

Our San Antonio fertility center is all about making fertility care convenient for our patients, which is why we offer virtual fertility appointments. This option is appealing to patients who have busy schedules, who want to avoid traffic congestion or who live outside of the San Antonio area.

You can make a virtual fertility appointment by completing the form below. A new patient coordinator will schedule your appointment and reach out with a welcome email. Please complete the paperwork in this email before your appointment. A billing team member will reach out after you schedule your appointment. They will discuss your insurance benefits, telemedicine coverage and the estimated cost of treatment.

During your virtual appointment, you’ll receive the same care and information that you would during an in-person appointment at our San Antonio fertility clinic. Dr. Munch will take your medical history and review the recommended diagnostic testing. She’ll also discuss which fertility treatments may help you conceive. After your time with Dr. Munch, you’ll virtually speak to a nurse and a billing specialist.

We’re here to help you get started with fertility treatments

Texas Fertility Center gives you choices when you’re scheduling a new patient appointment. Whether you select an in-person visit or a virtual fertility appointment, you’ll receive the renowned brand of TFC care. Contact us to learn more, or you can use the form below to reach out about scheduling an appointment.