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Poor Ovarian Reserve and IVF Outcomes

In general, women with low ovarian reserve will have difficulty in achieving pregnancy. But what about in advanced reproductive technology (ART) such as IVF?

Ovarian Reserve

Let’s first discuss what the term ovarian reserve means. Ovarian reserve refers to quantity, or number, of eggs remaining that are available to achieve pregnancy. We are unable to measure this exactly,

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What Does His Age Have To Do With Things?

 It is well known that a woman’s age has a large impact on her fertility.  However, what impact does a man’s age have on his partner’s fertility and pregnancy?  Recent research tells us that the father’s age impacts these issues, though the overall effect is quite modest compared to the effect to that of the mother.  

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Can Embryos Get Freezer Burn

A question I hear rather frequently is “How long can embryos be frozen and still be okay?”  This topic usually arises when a couple is going through IVF and trying to envision a future with a child from a fresh cycle and “siblings” in cold storage.  The answer has always been “Well, we have someone who had a baby after 5 or 6 years being frozen,” because honestly,

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Are all Your Eggs in One Basket?

We’ve gotten a few questions about egg development this week.

Here are the questions, followed by the answers:

1. How many eggs do I have?

Women are born with all of the eggs (oocytes) that they will ever have. In fact, approximately 20 weeks before a female child is delivered,

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