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3 New Year’s resolutions for couples struggling with infertility

Texas Fertility Center encourages those struggling with infertility to make New Year’s resolutions

infertility resolutions Happy New Year! With the new year comes new beginnings and goal setting. Believe it or not, common New Year’s resolutions, like eating healthy and exercising more, can help couples struggling with infertility. The team at Texas Fertility Center in San Antonio invites couples wanting to get pregnant to consider setting New Year’s resolutions.

People can keep their New Year’s resolutions by exercising self-awareness and realistic goal setting

Last month, The Guardian reported that people can use scientifically-proven strategies to keep their New Year’s resolutions. Successful goal-setters determine if they are self-motivated and if they have the strength to follow through. They keep their goals realistic by planning out how to achieve a goal and determining how to overcome any obstacles that may exist. They also develop simple habits that help them to reach their goals.

Common and uncommon New Year’s resolutions can help couples struggling with infertility

A new year marks a new beginning. Whether a couple has tried to get pregnant for a few months or for years, they can make resolutions that can improve their health, manage their stress, and, in certain situations, boost their fertility.

  1. A couple can resolve to eat healthier foods. Eating whole grains, food with folic acid and antioxidants, and more fresh fruits and vegetables can improve a person’s overall health. Couples can consider taking small steps to improve their diet, such as taking multivitamins or adding more fruits and vegetables to their diets, to maintain a healthy body mass index.
  2. Anyone struggling with infertility should resolve to exercise on a regular basis. Scientists have found a possible connection between pregnancy rates in women and moderate exercise. For men, moderate exercise may increase sperm count and mobility. However, intense daily exercise may negatively impact both female and male fertility.
  3. Making the New Year’s resolution to reduce stress could help those struggling with infertility. Erika Munch encourages our patients to seek out activities that make them feel calm and refreshed—warm baths, yoga, massage or long walks, for example. You can resolve to use relaxation response techniques, like deep breathing or meditation, to manage stress. Youtube videos can help guide you through the relaxation response process.

Making New Year’s resolutions marks a new start and a new beginning. If you are struggling with infertility and need help, contact our fertility specialist at Texas Fertility Center in San Antonio for more information about identifying the underlying causes.


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