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In vitro fertilization will amp up your stress level

Our San Antonio fertility specialist helps couples going through in vitro fertilization

An infertility diagnosis can bring about stress for couples. While going through in vitro fertilization, men and women have ranked the stress during the treatment as higher or at nearly the same level as stress from other significant occurrences, like divorce or a family member’s death.
With Nov. 8-14 being Mental Health Wellness week, our San Antonio fertility specialist encourages patients to care for themselves — both physically and mentally.

In vitro fertilization can put a temporary strain on a couple’s mental health

During the first round of IVF, patients tend to become the most stressed. At each step in the process, their levels of stress increase until after the embryo transfer when they anticipate the results. Being unsure of whether in vitro fertilization will result in pregnancy can be agonizing — and understandably so. In spite of the stress, most couples adapt to this emotional stress.

Couples can ready themselves for the stress that comes with IVF

Various preparation methods exist for those about to undergo in vitro fertilization and the stress that may come with it.

  • Thinking ahead can help individuals prepare for this challenging experience. Considering what decisions they may face, gaining knowledge about IVF and topics surrounding this process, and understanding where complications may arise can help a couple prepare for IVF.
  • Improving their own self-awareness and relationships can help couples prepare for in vitro fertilization. Understanding what causes their stress, knowing how they each manage it, and strengthening their marital relationship will fortify them for the coming challenges.
  • Support groups for individuals going through IVF and self-help organizations for individuals struggling with infertility do exist, so ask us to identify resources.
  • If an individual’s symptoms of anxiety or depression become unbearable, (s)he should seek a mental health professional who specializes in infertility.

In vitro fertilization or any fertility treatment can cause stress in patients seeking to get pregnant. If you would like to find ways to cope from the stress of IVF, contact us for referrals to a support group or counselor specializing in infertility.

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