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A Look at Endometriosis Surgery

What does a fertility surgeon see? A look at endometriosis surgery

If you’re reading this, you’re probably curious about endometriosis, a condition in which the uterine lining grows outside of the uterus. The condition causes inflammation, scar tissue, adhesions and other problems in and around the pelvis, which can cause pain and even infertility. However, treatment can help improve your quality of life and your chances for getting pregnant.

While it’s possible to treat endometriosis with medications like birth control or Lupron injections, these treatments prevent pregnancy. This is why Dr. Erika Munch, a fertility doctor in San Antonio, recommends endometriosis surgery for women who are trying to get pregnant.

Diagnosing and treating endometriosis with laparoscopic surgery

The most common type of endometriosis surgery is laparoscopy, a minimally invasive technique used to diagnose and treat endometriosis. The surgery is called “minimally invasive” for a reason.

You can expect 3 steps with endometriosis surgery

  1. Dr. Munch will make 2-3 very small incisions around your belly button and the lower half of your abdomen. From there, she will place a thin lighted instrument with a camera, called a laparoscope, into the incision to look for endometriosis.
  2. After confirming the presence of endometriosis, Dr. Munch will insert small surgical instruments into the other incisions to remove the adhesions.
  3. You should be able to go home on the day of your surgery and resume your regular activities within a week, sometimes longer.

The fertility-boosting benefits of endometriosis surgery

Many patients hear the word “surgery” and panic; however, endometriosis surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis. Also, the risk of complications is low.

While surgery isn’t a cure for endometriosis, it is often the first step in helping endometriosis patients conceive. Patients with minimal endometriosis may be able to get pregnant naturally after treatment, while patients with moderate or severe endometriosis may require some medical assistance.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Erica Munch or Dr. Susan Hudson,  fertility doctors in San Antonio who are proficient in endometriosis surgery and treating complex causes of infertility.

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