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Infertility and Relationships – Keeping the Spark Alive

Many couples need help navigating infertility and relationships

Many couples need help navigating infertility and relationships - How to reconnect with your partner in the face of infertilityIf you feel that fertility issues are putting a strain on you and your partner, you aren’t alone. Our San Antonio fertility doctor Erika Munch MD has seen many couples struggling to manage infertility and relationships. After all, fertility issues and timed intercourse can take the romance out of sex, making it into a chore. Not only that, it can be difficult to move from diagnostic testing and fertility treatments to making love to your partner. Dr. Munch has some suggestions to get the spark back for Valentine’s Day.

How to reconnect with your partner in the face of infertility

When you reach the point when the words, “Let’s make a baby,” fill you with dread instead of excitement, it’s time to reconnect with your partner. Instead of focusing on the all-consuming task of conceiving, take a moment to think about what made you fall in love with your partner. Was it his sense of humor, or her kindhearted nature? From there, try some of these tips about infertility and relationships from our San Antonio fertility doctor.

  • Take a break from fertility talk. When you’re trying to overcome infertility, topics like ovulation and doctor appointments can dominate the conversations with your partner. While it’s important to be focused on your goal of having a baby, you should also take time to focus on something that’s equally vital–the love you and your partner share.
  • Make communication a priority. You and your partner are in this together as a team, so don’t forget to keep the lines of communication open. Talk about your stresses, fears, hopes and dreams when it comes to infertility and treatment. Doing so can help you feel supported and united.
  • Connect and have fun. Rather than discussing infertility topics yet again, take a break and go have fun with your partner. Something as simple as seeing a movie, cooking a meal or having a romantic evening together can help you refresh and reconnect.

Finally, infertility can be a huge emotional strain for even the most connected couples. An impartial counselor can help you sort through your thoughts and emotions both as a couple and as an individual.

Managing infertility and relationships is possible

It might seem hard to believe now, but infertility is only temporary. In fact, you could be holding your baby this time next year. Taking time now to focus on your relationship with your partner is just as important as the work you’re doing to conceive. If you have questions about infertility and relationships, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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