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What Is ASRM 2021?

ASRM 2021 is an annual conference for reproductive endocrinologists and fertility experts

ASRM 2021 is an annual conference for reproductive endocrinologists and fertility expertsYou may have heard of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, or ASRM, but did you know that this group hosts an annual conference? This event is a chance to learn about the latest fertility research and developments in the field of reproductive medicine. Last year, this event was virtual due to the COVID pandemic, but ASRM 2021 is in person in Baltimore, Maryland.

Erika Munch MD will be staying in San Antonio to treat her patients during the conference. However, she will be gaining the benefits of attending it. That’s because some of her TFC colleagues will be attending and sharing what they learn.

What can fertility specialists learn from ASRM 2021?

This industry conference allows participants to learn and network with other experts in the field from around the United States and the world. This is thanks to specific networking and society events as well as presentations on the latest fertility research.

Just as our San Antonio fertility doctor treats the many causes of female and male infertility, the fertility research at this event covers all causes and treatments of fertility issues. The following list highlights just a few of these topics.

According to Dr. Munch, “Drs. Silverberg, Propst and Hudson will be attending ASRM 2021 so that they can bring the latest fertility research and best practices back to the other physicians at TFC. It’s part of our collaborative approach to fertility care.”

TFC is a leader in fertility research

Texas Fertility Center does more than just learn about the latest fertility research. The practice also produces groundbreaking research of its own. Historically, our clinic has been renowned for its research and innovation.

Our team’s research has time and again changed the practice of fertility care for the better. We are always proud to share our findings, just as the participants of ASRM 2021 are.

If you would like to learn more about our fertility research or schedule an appointment with our San Antonio fertility doctor, please contact us. We look forward to bringing you the latest, proven treatments to help you have a healthy baby.

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