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All About Ovarian Cysts and Infertility

Dr. Munch is here to explain the link between ovarian cysts and infertility

Dr. Munch is here to explain the link between ovarian cysts and infertilityYou’re not alone if you think that ovarian cysts and infertility are always related. Many women believe that having one or more cysts on the ovaries can make it more difficult to conceive. However, Erika Munch MD of our San Antonio fertility clinic knows this isn’t necessarily true. Read on to learn more about ovarian cysts and how they can affect a woman’s reproductive potential.

What is the link between ovarian cysts and infertility?

Ovarian cysts are quite common in women. These solid or fluid-filled sacs appear on or within an ovary. There isn’t a hard and fast rule that ovarian cysts cause fertility issues. However, some of them can interfere with conception.

Other types of ovarian cysts typically don’t cause fertility issues. In fact, some cysts, such as follicular cysts and corpus luteum cysts, form during a normal menstrual cycle. They suggest that the reproductive system is functioning normally.

How are ovarian cysts and PCOS different?

As mentioned above, PCOS can result in ovarian cysts and infertility. However, not all cysts suggest that a woman has polycystic ovary syndrome. The team at our San Antonio fertility clinic explains to patients that ovarian cysts and PCOS differ in the following ways.

  • PCOS is a metabolic condition that can cause hormonal imbalances, while this isn’t true for ovarian cysts.
  • Women with PCOS have at least two of the following symptoms: irregular menstrual cycles, elevated levels of androgens and multiple cysts on the ovaries.
  • A woman with multiple ovarian cysts will not always have PCOS.
  • Women with PCOS tend to have trouble getting pregnant, but women with ovarian cysts often do not.

While ovarian cysts typically go away on their own, sometimes treatment is necessary. When this happens, Dr. Munch can help. She can also diagnose and treat women with polycystic ovary syndrome who want to conceive.

If you’d like to learn more about ovarian cysts and infertility or PCOS, contact us for an appointment. Our San Antonio fertility clinic can help you get on the path to parenthood.

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