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Ovarian Stimulation for Egg Freezing

Learn about ovarian stimulation for egg freezing

Due to the tremendous advances that have recently been made in egg freezing, women now have greater control than ever over their reproductive future.  Ovarian stimulation for egg freezing is the first step of the fertility preservation process. Before beginning the process, our San Antonio egg freezing specialists will take the time to explain what women can expect from each step, including ovarian stimulation.

An overview of ovarian stimulation for egg freezing

The goal of ovarian stimulation for egg freezing is to help a woman’s body produce as many eggs as possible. The entire process of ovarian stimulation takes about two weeks. During this time, the woman self-administers fertility medications at home and visits our San Antonio egg freezing experts for frequent monitoring appointments to track her progress.

Ovarian stimulation for egg freezing involves the following steps:

  • Prior to starting the egg freezing process, each patient will attend a consultation appointment, which allows our physicians to review her medical history and explain the process of egg freezing.
  • She then undergoes a blood test and a transvaginal ultrasound on the third day of her menstrual cycle. The goal is to assess her hormone levels and ovarian reserve, or egg supply, to determine the best ovarian stimulation protocol for her.
  • Before starting medications for ovarian stimulation, the woman takes birth control pills for 2-3 weeks. These pills typically improve her response to the fertility medications and provide her with more control over the scheduling of subsequent procedures.
  • The woman begins giving herself daily injections of fertility medications to start the ovarian stimulation Our San Antonio egg freezing specialists will assess her progress by performing ultrasounds and blood tests every 2-3 days during this time.
  • When the egg-containing follicles in the ovaries are mature, the woman receives an injection of another medication designed to make the eggs mature. This “trigger shot” is given 36 hours prior to the egg retrieval. The retrieval is a 15-20 minute outpatient procedure during which our fertility specialists retrieves her mature eggs.

Why egg freezing?

Our San Antonio egg freezing experts know that many women dream of the family they might have someday. However, they may also have other goals, including growing their careers, finding a life partner and building a healthy environment in which to raise a family.

Sometimes, these goals don’t happen on schedule. While career success or life partnership can be found at any age, a woman’s eggs have a life that is not easily extended. As the eggs age, they are more likely to have chromosomal problems that can result in infertility, a miscarriage or a baby who is affected by conditions such as Down’s syndrome. All of the steps of fertility preservation, including ovarian stimulation for egg freezing, can help women extend their childbearing years.

By freezing eggs your body is making right now, you can stop the biological clock on egg aging while the rest of life catches up with you. Contact us to speak with our San Antonio fertility specialists about how we can help you build the family you’re dreaming of.