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Endometrial Polyps

Learn more about endometrial polyps

Endometrial polyps are overgrowths of uterine lining that can be associated with infertility. Our San Antonio fertility specialists explain what these uterine polyps are and how we can treat them to help you restore your fertility.

What are endometrial polyps?

Endometrial polyps result from an overgrowth (increased development) of the endometrial tissue that lines the uterus.  Polyps occupy space in the uterus where a pregnancy normally establishes itself, and they can initiate an immune response where a woman’s white blood cells try to destroy the polyp.  This inflammatory response unfortunately decreases the likelihood of implantation and pregnancy. Polyps can happen at any age, but they are more common in older women as well as in women with obesity. Some women find out they have polyps because they have vaginal bleeding in between periods or at unexpected times in their cycle.

Just like skin tags, endometrial polyps are generally harmless. Very rarely, they can contain precancerous or even cancerous cells, which is why most of our San Antonio fertility specialists will recommend removing them if they’re found. Especially for women with infertility, your fertility doctor will likely recommend removing polyps before treatment to improve your chances of pregnancy success.

Surgery for uterine polyps

Endometrial polyp surgery is straightforward. It is a minor day-surgery procedure that doesn’t require any incisions. After you have been given mild IV sedation, a camera about the size of a ballpoint pen is passed into the uterus to search for polyps. Small surgical instruments are passed through an opening alongside the camera to grasp and remove the polyp tissue, avoiding damage to the rest of the healthy uterine tissue.

Some women find that removing the abnormal tissue is all that is necessary to restore their fertility, usually by their next menstrual cycle. However, others may still need to undergo fertility treatments for other, unrelated issues.

Our San Antonio fertility specialists have years of experience removing uterine polyps. If you have been diagnosed with endometrial polyps, contact our fertility doctors to discuss your options for treatment so you can get on the path to pregnancy.