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Preserving Fertility

I am so incredibly blessed to be part of a wonderful team here at TFC that changes people’s lives every day. I am awestruck when those same patients can then change my life in a very personal way with their heartfelt gratitude.

Recently, I had a patient who was newly diagnosed with cancer who came in with her husband to learn about cryopreserving their embryos for the future.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Fertility Preservation Patient Advocacy Texas Fertility Center

Fertility Preservation Options

Preserving fertility by freezing eggs, sperm, or embryos is recommended for patients in many different circumstances.

While this issue of our newsletter is highlighting breast cancer awareness, I would also like to take this opportunity to discuss some other scenarios in which fertility preservation should be considered.

The treatments needed to help eradicate cancer in both men and women can result in a markedly decreased production of sperm or eggs or even complete loss of fertility.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Fertility Preservation Patient Education Texas Fertility Center

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