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Exploring Fertility Preservation For Breast Cancer

October is the perfect time to discuss fertility preservation for breast cancer

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Erika Munch MD works especially hard to share information about fertility preservation for breast cancer. Life-saving cancer treatments can permanently damage male and female fertility. As a result, it’s important to be proactive about preserving fertility before starting treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.

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We Proudly Provide Fertility Care for the Military

Texas Fertility Center is proud to provide fertility care for the military

The members of the US Armed Forces make great sacrifices every day to protect our freedom. However, our San Antonio infertility clinic believes that fertility shouldn’t be something that they have to sacrifice. Erika Munch MD provides comprehensive fertility care for the military.

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Future of Fertility Preservation? Ovarian Tissue Freezing

Could ovarian tissue freezing be the future of fertility preservation?

Our San Antonio fertility specialists offer fertility preservation to men and women who are preparing to undergo cancer treatment. Egg, sperm and embryo freezing are the oncofertility options now, but another procedure has been featured in the news—ovarian tissue freezing.

Ovarian tissue freezing in the news

A 25-year-old cancer survivor recently received an ovarian transplant,

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Fertility Preservation for Breast Cancer Patients

Fertility preservation for breast cancer patients is possible

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but every day our San Antonio fertility center is committed to spreading the word about fertility preservation for breast cancer patients.

Thousands of women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Thanks to advances in cancer treatments, the five-year survival rate for breast cancer patients is close to 90%.

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Egg Freezing in San Antonio

Your eggs might not wait until the time is right.


As you may have heard, an announcement came from both Apple and Facebook that they will be covering the cost of egg freezing through their employee health insurance.  Certainly, if you have a new cancer diagnosis or premature ovarian failure diagnosis, Texas Fertility Center recommends fertility preservation as soon as possible.  

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Preserving Fertility

I am so incredibly blessed to be part of a wonderful team here at TFC that changes people’s lives every day. I am awestruck when those same patients can then change my life in a very personal way with their heartfelt gratitude.

Recently, I had a patient who was newly diagnosed with cancer who came in with her husband to learn about cryopreserving their embryos for the future.

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TFC Staff ‘Setting the Course’ for Reproductive Medicine

We were in San Diego last week, along with 6,000 fertility specialists, nurses and scientists, for the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s annual meeting ~ ASRM 2012. Texas Fertility Center sent Drs. Kaylen Silverberg and Natalie Burger; Tom, Kristin, and Hank from the TFC lab; Third Party Reproductive Coordinator Leanne; Director of Clinical Operations Kathy Reynolds,

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What Does Infertility Have in Common with Breast Cancer?

The infertility community shares a sobering statistic with breast cancer patients: One in 8 women will face a breast cancer diagnosis and one in 8 couples will experience infertility.

Like advances in reproductive medicine that offer hope for a cure, breast cancer treatment and early detection are helping women survive their breast cancer diagnosis.

You may not know that Texas Fertility Center physicians,

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