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Making Sense of Fertility Coverage in 2013

Your goal is to become pregnant in the New Year. At Texas Fertility Center, we resolve to help you navigate your insurance company’s call center maze and complex insurance forms that will hopefully result in your being able to maximize your coverage for infertility diagnosis and treatment. Investigating and understanding your insurance plan takes patience,

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TFC Takes Steps to Cure Breast Cancer

At Texas Fertility Center, we passionately advocate for women’s health issues, from changing laws to make infertility treatment affordable to raising awareness about breast cancer prevention and treatment. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, TFC will share blog topics, Facebook posts and Twitter tweets that encourage our online friends to get involved.

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What TFC Is Doing To Help the Infertility Community

Out of pocket? What TFC is doing to help the infertility community

Caring for patients involves more than infertility diagnosis, treatment and resolution. Texas Fertility Center physicians and staff spend time, here in Austin and Washington D.C., advocating for those faced with infertility. These efforts include building awareness among our legislative delegation about infertility, supporting legislation that positively affects our patients,

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Family Act of 2011 Patient Advocacy Patient Education Surviving Infertility Texas Fertility Center

Have your Voice Heard: Support the Family Act of 2011

As you know, infertility treatment is often not covered by insurance.  This unfortunate fact prevents many couples who could easily benefit from fertility diagnosis and treatment from even seeking care.  In fact, studies have shown that fewer than 50% of couples with infertility ever see any medical professional and less than 20% eventually see a fertility specialist.

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Family Act of 2011 Patient Advocacy Patient Education Texas Fertility Center

Dr. Silverberg Goes to Washington: TFC Physician Lobbies Congress for Proposed New Fertility Tax Credit

Dr. Kaylen Silverberg, co-founder of Texas Fertility Center, recently traveled to Washington to lobby the Central Texas congressional delegation in efforts to gain support for a fertility tax credit bill. This bill would provide a $13,360 tax credit to those undergoing fertility treatments, which is very similar to the $13,000 adoption tax credit currently available to those expanding their families by way of adoption.

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When is Enough Enough?

Many patients struggling to become pregnant wonder when it is time to quit. Just when is “enough enough”? It is important to realize that if the physicians at Texas Fertility Center can utilize all of the options available to us, probably 85-88% of patients will be able to have a baby. But that does not mean that there aren’t times during the treatment process when “enough is enough”.

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