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Bridgit’s Testimonial

I would highly recommend seeing Dr. James if you have to make the tough decision about fertility treatment.

Dr. James was recommended by our regular OB/GYN after we had tried unsuccessfully for 2 plus years. We went home and did our research and decided to take the first step of making a consultation. What impressed me most was her bedside manner and how she treated my husband and I after our first consultation. She gave us the option of starting with diagnostic procedures first to determine the cause of infertility rather than just jumping into treatment plans, (although that was also an option). It seemed she gave us every possible treatment plan, and that included mathematical probabilities and all.

Dr. James and her staff worked with our schedule (late appointments and weekends if needed). I feel like she and her staff spent so much time explaining times, dates, drugs, which are extremely important when trying to conceive. When we did get the great news, I felt like they were just as excited as I was! When we went back to our regular OB/GYN after 12 weeks, I was actually sad because I truly felt like these ladies were now family and excited to meet our newest member. We did go back to her when we started thinking about another baby, and we are now expecting our second!