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Fertility stories can make all the difference

If our San Antonio fertility experts have helped you build or grow your family, consider joining the hundreds of proud parents who have shared their fertility stories with us. When you share your fertility story, you not only celebrate your joy, but you also inspire other hopeful parents who are struggling to conceive.

Provide hope and inspiration by sharing your fertility stories

Our San Antonio fertility experts encourage you to share your story to educate and encourage those who are still trying to have their own bundle of joy. Whether hopeful parents are trying to become pregnant on their own or they have partnered with a fertility specialist, these men and women need to hear fertility stories like yours.

When you’re ready to tell your fertility story, please consider the following questions:

  • How did you know when to seek fertility care?
  • How did you find the right doctor?
  • Where did find support during your journey?
  • Do you have tips for surviving holidays, such as Mother’s Day and Christmas?
  • How did you handle the financial side of fertility treatment?

After you submit your story to us, one of the writers from our marketing team will reach out to you for a telephone interview. The writer will use this information to help you write your fertility story for our San Antonio fertility center.

No fertility story is the same

At this moment, someone nearby is devastated by another negative pregnancy test. You know how that feels, but you also know that fertility treatment can help hopeful parents overcome their fertility struggles. Let them know that with your story.

Infertility affects 1 in 8 couples, but there is no fertility story like yours. Share your fertility story with our San Antonio fertility experts to inspire hopeful parents not to give up. One of the best ways to pay it forward is to share your story.

Contact us if you would like to share your fertility story.