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Hilda’s Testimonial

Dr. James will always be highly recommended in my book!

My experience as her patient could not have been better.  All of her staff was like family, my privacy and intimacy was respected.  Everyone was professional and knew what they were doing.  I only saw her and the nurse throughout my treatment.  It wasn’t a chain of doctors and I didn’t play Russian roulette to see what doctor I was going to be.  It was her and only her!!  I LOVED THAT!!!

She has excellent bedside manner.  She will takes the time to explain, re-explain, and will answer every question without seeming like she is in a rush to leave.  She even empathizes when the sobbing starts and will kindly hand you tissue paper. It is because of her that I have a set of twin boys and just recently a baby girl.  There is no amount of money that can pay her for knowing how to make two married people whole!!!