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Katie’s Testimonial

We cannot recommend Dr. Munch enough. Words alone don’t do our experience justice but I will try, because the world needs to know about this woman’s amazing heart and work.

We went to her after being diagnosed with low morphology, and diminished reserve and being given a very grim outlook at another clinic in town. From the moment I walked into Dr. Munch’s office, I felt a flurry of emotions: relief, compassion, understanding, and hope. Many of these feelings that you don’t often get out of a visit with a doctor.

We spent a good amount of time with Dr. Munch and her staff, as you often do with fertility treatment, and every moment was as great as it could be given the somewhat depressing circumstances that landed us there.  She always listened to us, always made our needs and wants feel listened to, and allowed us to lead the way in our care while guiding our decisions given her medical expertise.

We really couldn’t have had a better experience, and we are now amazingly sitting here caring for our 2 month old about a year and a half later after meeting Dr. Munch!

If you are experiencing any sort of infertility, I highly recommend you head over to TFC and ask for Dr. Munch. You will not be disappointed, and with a little science and a lot of love—you can be holding your baby (or babies) in your arms just like us! Thank you Dr. Munch & TFC staff. We are forever grateful!