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Simply because Dr. James is that fantastic!

Infertility is scary and for most people uncharted territory. My husband and I met Dr. James after many unsuccessful attempts of becoming pregnant. We worked with my OBGYN and a number of other infertility doctors in the area. I was feeling very defeated when I came across a new fertility clinic that had recently opened in our area.

Dr. James is definitely a breath of fresh air. She started at the beginning of my journey and tried to put the pieces of the puzzle together. She is very confident and knows what she is talking about. She always wears a smile on her face and is very calm. My husband and I were full of questions and Dr. James treated us like we were her only patients. She took the time to answer all of our questions and made sure that we were comfortable with any and all decisions before we made them.

On several occasions, I had a question or needed to speak to a nurse. I was always able to speak to someone and my questions were handled in a timely manner. I loved being able to call the office and telling them who I was and they knew who I was. I was definitely not a number as Dr. James’ patient! While putting these pieces together, Dr. James discovered that a key test was not performed previously and was sure to get that done as soon as possible. The results of this test indicated that I needed to have a minor surgery. Dr. James performed this surgery and did a fabulous job. She thoroughly explained all of the results to my husband and used her experience with up to date technology and captured images for us to view later. I believe it was because of that test and this surgery that our dreams came true!

Thank you Dr. James for being so diligent! After my surgery, we met with Dr. James and decided that we wanted to proceed with IVF. I was anxious about just about everything! Dr. James has a special way of comforting people and understanding what you are going through. I cried and poured my heart out to her on several occasions. She was always honest, but reassured me that she was doing everything possible to get me pregnant. The day of the retrieval arrived and we had to drive to a different location since they were working on the IVF lab at the office near our home. The office was about 2.5 hours away. Of course Dr. James drove and met us there. She probably could have had another doctor at that office do the retrieval, but that is not her style.

Once you are her patient, you are treated with the utmost dignity and respect. She truly cares about her patients. The embryologist kept us updated and the day of the transfer arrived; once again Dr. James made the trek and met us at the other office with a huge smile on her face! Before the transfer, she showed us images of our embryos and which ones would be transferred and why. I still look at those images and cannot believe that those are my 2 year old toddlers! My husband and I appreciated that Dr. James cared enough about us that she drove to another office to retrieve and transfer our embryos. I think that says a lot about her character and how much dedication she has for her patients. I have NEVER had a positive pregnancy test! I refused to take one after I had IVF because I had a good feeling and I didn’t want to give up hope by taking one. My husband and I had come up with a “plan” for the day that we would receive the news. We decided that I come home directly after work and call for our results. There was no way I wanted bad news at work. My husband being who he is called the office and told them that he needed to know the results to know whether he needed to be home or not. He called me at work that afternoon and told me I was pregnant. I knew it! He told me I was supposed to call the office! I called the office and told them who I was. I was directly put on the line with Dr. James. I cannot put into words the emotions that I felt at that moment. I remember her telling me that “I had done it” and that “I was so strong.” A few weeks later we went to see Dr. James for our first ultrasound. I was really scared. Dr. James greeted us with a smile and was so calm. We had no clue what we were looking for and she explained everything that we were seeing. I’ll never forget the moment that she saw the 2 embryos! She was beaming with pride never losing focus of what she was doing, my husband was jumping up and down, and I was lying there silently praying. Dr. James took excellent care of me the first trimester of my pregnancy. I was so sad at my last appointment. Having to go to so many appointments and seeing someone so often, they become very close to you. Dr. James became that person to me. She saw me through many, many bad days and of course on several happy days too. She had the opportunity to meet our miracle babies Elliot and Adelyn. When I found out Dr. James was moving to Texas, I had many sleepless nights. Many thoughts ran through my mind. What will we do if we want to add to our family? Dr. James is the best. How will I ever be satisfied with another doctor? Who will help me through those rough days? After much thought and consideration, we have decided that when it is time to add to our family, we will be visiting San Antonio. Simply because Dr. James is that fantastic!