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Our San Antonio fertility center expert guides you through infertility insurance

San Antonio fertility center infertility insuranceInfertility insurance can be confusing. In fact, even most insurance representatives are unfamiliar with infertility coverage. The team at our San Antonio fertility center knows how frustrating this can be when you’re trying to confirm if a fertility procedure is covered by your insurance. Luckily, our billing experts clarify the confusion surrounding infertility insurance.

Make sure you understand the benefits provided by your infertility insurance

Since it can be difficult to get clear and accurate information about infertility benefits, the billing experts at our San Antonio fertility center recommend obtaining a written copy of your benefits. Having a written copy is also beneficial because many insurance policies have different criteria to determine if you can use your infertility benefits.

If you’re concerned that you don’t qualify for coverage, don’t be discouraged. Exceptions can be made in many cases. Additionally, members of the billing team will work on your behalf to help you make the most of your infertility insurance.

Consider requesting a predetermination of benefits

Some insurance plans allow you to request a predetermination of benefits. This process involves providing details about your situation so your insurance provider can determine your coverage before you receive services. Our billing specialists recommend requesting a predetermination of benefits if your benefits are unclear or you have a unique situation.

Before making a request, you need to get specific instructions from your insurance provider on how to make the request. Most of the time, it should be made in writing and include your procedure and diagnosis codes. The billing team at our San Antonio fertility center is happy to provide this information and a sample letter.

Please contact our office for a complete list of contracted insurance plans in our San Antonio fertility center.

You have options if your insurance claim is denied

Many patients feel disheartened if their insurance claim is denied, but you have options. Insurance plans in Texas must provide information about options in the Notification of Denial.

You can also appeal a claim denial. To start, you should contact your insurance carrier by phone and request that your claim be reprocessed. This is an important first step, and it allows for an additional review of coverage before you appeal.

If you need help appealing a claim denial, our office staff can walk you through the process by providing information that may assist in having your denial overturned and your claim paid.

Texas Fertility Center San Antonio can answer all of your questions about infertility insurance. Contact us today for more information. We strive to make world-class fertility care available to all patients.