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Getting Fertility Medications

Help With Getting Fertility Medications

Many different types of medications are used in infertility treatments. Many of these medications are given to stimulate more than one egg to the point of ovulation in each menstrual cycle. Getting fertility medications requires careful testing and consultation with an experienced reproductive endocrinologist, who can ensure that you receive the right medication and dose for your specific situation.

Without fertility medications, most women ovulate only one egg each month. But when pregnancy isn’t happening this way, your fertility doctor may recommend ovulating more than one egg at a time, with the help of fertility medications. This could also increase the risk of a multiple pregnancy, so patients need to calculate the risks and benefits of these treatments to justify their use.

Understand your insurance coverage for fertility medications, and fertility treatment in general

Your insurance company should be able to go over your coverage and explain the process of getting fertility medications. The insurance may issue certain requirements for medications to be covered. For example, you may be required to use a specific pharmacy or obtain pre-authorization before filling a prescription.

Our authorizations and billing staff can help you understand your coverage. If you do not have insurance coverage for your medication, our team will help you identify the best self-pay option, understanding that prices can vary greatly from pharmacy to pharmacy and prices change often.

One of the many benefits of Texas Fertility Center being one of the nation’s largest and most well-recognized fertility centers is that our patients get access to special drug pricing from manufacturers, as well as from specialty pharmacies. We also get access to this special pricing due to the research that we have performed with the leading fertility medication manufacturers.

Being a savvy consumer means you should always confirm the costs of your medication when you talk with your pharmacy. You can also do a price comparison with other pharmacies before filling your prescription. Some pharmaceutical manufacturers offer discount programs. Please call our Authorizations Department with any questions you may have.

Getting fertility medications can be done locally, but is commonly mail-order through specialty pharmacies

Some common medications, such as clomiphene, letrozole or estrogen tablets, can be obtained from local chain pharmacies close to your home. However, specialized injection medications aren’t often stocked in local pharmacies, and if they are, the price is at a premium.

For that reason, when getting fertility medications, most patients find the best prices and overnight delivery through mail-order pharmacies. After your physician determines the type and quantity of medication needed, and your insurance specifies the pharmacy to use, the prescription is sent to the mail-order pharmacy. You will then coordinate with the pharmacy about overnight shipment to your home.

Dosing of injection medications, such as gonadotropins, often continues for several days, and the amount used each day can vary depending on your ovarian response. We prescribe the amount needed for several days’ worth of medications, with refills so that you can obtain the right amount you need, without too much extra. As these medications can be expense, we strive to prescribe just the right amount.

It is very important to pay attention to how much medication you have left, so that we can refill the prescription if you are at risk of running out – especially if a holiday or weekend is coming up.

Our experienced team is here to assist you with getting fertility medications that will give you the best chance of pregnancy success. Contact us with any questions or to schedule a visit with our San Antonio fertility specialists.