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Finding Holiday Cheer – Coping With Infertility During The Holidays

It may not feel like the most wonderful time of the year when facing infertility during the holidays

It may not feel like the most wonderful time of the year when facing infertility during the holidaysThe holiday season is supposed to be joyous. Right? After all, that’s what the Christmas carols, seasonal movies and holiday cards tell us. However, facing infertility during the holidays can make you feel alone and discouraged. You’re not the only one who feels this way. In fact, 1 out of 8 couples has trouble getting or staying pregnant.

You’re also not alone because you have the support and guidance of Erika Munch MD and our whole San Antonio fertility clinic. To help make the holidays a little easier, we’re sharing tips to help you cope when dealing with fertility issues.

Tips for handling infertility during the holidays

Our San Antonio fertility clinic staff understands that the holidays can come with a lot of pressure and expectation. However, when you’re facing infertility during the holidays, you should feel free to break from tradition. This is a time to think about what you need in order to take care of yourself.

Here are some suggestions to help you during the holiday season.

  • Make party plans. As the invitations to holiday gatherings start rolling in, think about which ones you’ll attend. If small children or lots of pregnant women will be in attendance, you may want to skip that event. If you don’t feel you can miss a party, consider limiting your time there by leaving early.
  • Plan your answers. It seems like someone always wants to know when you’re going to have a baby. They likely mean well, but their comments can still sting when dealing with infertility during the holidays. Before an event, decide how much you want to share about your situation and come up with planned responses to redirect the conversation.
  • Work on self-care. The stress of the holidays can slowly get to you. To cope with it, our San Antonio fertility clinic recommends taking time for yourself. This could involve getting a massage, going to a yoga class, having a nice dinner with your partner, taking in a show at the theater or even creating a new holiday tradition.

Dr. Munch provides support throughout the whole year

Although coping with infertility during the holidays can be difficult, Dr. Munch knows you need support and guidance all year. Our San Antonio fertility clinic offers state-of-the-art fertility treatments and compassionate care to help you welcome a baby. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

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