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Your fertility story offers words of hope

Your fertility story offers words of hopeYou know what it’s like to struggle with infertility, but you also know that the team at our San Antonio fertility clinic can help make dreams of parenthood come true. Now that you have overcome your fertility struggles, why not offer words of hope to men and women who are still trying to conceive.

By sharing your fertility story, you can say thank you to our fertility specialists and encourage hopeful parents who are still walking down the path to parenthood.

Words of hope can make all the difference

Our San Antonio fertility clinic team knows that dealing with infertility and its treatment can be emotional. Your fertility story can encourage hopeful parents to keep moving forward, while giving them the valuable first-hand knowledge you gained from your fertility journey. Think of sharing your words of hope as the ultimate way to pay it forward.

How to share your fertility story

If you’re ready to share your story, you can submit it here. You don’t have to be a “good writer” to share your story. Our San Antonio fertility clinic has a special process to make sure that everyone can share their story.

  • Once we receive your submission, one of the writers from our marketing team will reach out to schedule a phone interview with you.
  • You can expect the writer to ask questions about how you knew it was time to seek fertility care, how you found our San Antonio fertility clinic and what fertility testing and treatment was like with our team.
  • The writer will write your fertility story using this information. Before posting your story on our website, the writer will let you review it and get your approval.

Contact us if you would like to share your fertility story.

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