Texas Fertility Center San Antonio

Total Fertility Care

TFC = Total Fertility Care

As patients embark on the journey to creating the families they desire, we try hard to provide total fertility care. We understand that the diagnosis and treatment of infertility can affect other areas of your lives. We will provide you with thorough education so that you will clearly understand your condition as well as the treatments that are available to you. You will know why you are coming in for ultrasound examinations, taking medications, doing insemination, or having surgery. You will be able to make choices about your treatments that fit your schedule, your finances and your goals. Our goal is to reduce the stress that fertility treatment can cause.

  • It is important to get healthy.
  • It is important to reduce stress.

People accomplish these things in different ways, and we will try our best to help. We can provide you with recommendations for dietitians, acupuncturists, therapists or support groups. We understand that total fertility care includes much more than writing a prescription or performing a procedure.

For more information, please visit this ASRM Fact Sheet: