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IVF with PGT-A for Recurrent Miscarriage

Learn about IVF with PGT-A for recurrent miscarriage

Our San Antonio recurrent miscarriage specialists provide diagnosis and treatment that is designed to help hopeful parents welcome a healthy baby into their lives. With help from IVF with PGT-A, men and women may be able to achieve their dream of parenthood.

What is recurrent miscarriage?

Recurrent miscarriage is defined as two or more failed pregnancies. Pregnancies can fail for a multitude of reasons, so it is important to have one of our San Antonio recurrent miscarriage specialists review your history and perform testing to see whether there are causes of miscarriage that can be treated.

During the recurrent pregnancy loss evaluation, your physician may find that the male or female partner carries a balanced chromosomal translocation. This means that, while the partner has 100% of the genetic information they should, it is arranged in a way that prevents the egg and sperm from transmitting the right amount of genetic information. This can often cause an embryo and a pregnancy to fail. IVF with preimplantation genetic testing can identify these abnormalities and help determine which embryos are most likely to result in a healthy pregnancy.

As women age, they are also more likely to make eggs that don’t have the right amount of genetic information, which is why older women are more likely to have recurrent miscarriage. As part of a fertility treatment plan, IVF with PGT can more quickly identify the embryos that are most likely to result in a healthy pregnancy.

IVF with PGS can provide a fast track to pregnancy

IVF with PGT reduces the risk of recurrent miscarriage. Additionally, these treatments can help hopeful parents achieve pregnancy in a shorter period of time and reduce the risk of having a failed pregnancy that requires treatment with surgery or medications.

If you have suffered with recurrent miscarriage, don’t wait until it happens again. Contact our San Antonio recurrent miscarriage specialists to make an appointment. Our board certified reproductive endocrinologists are ready to help you on the path to a successful pregnancy.